Oenophilia SARL - 8, rue de Lorraine - 21200 Beaune (FRANCE)

Glen Grisham USA Partner

Glen Grisham was first bit by the 'wine bug’ by a bottle of Gattinara as a college student.  Working in a wine bar and a winery tasting room led to a range of tasting experiences. A 1969 Burgundy shared with an architect confirmed his interest in ‘old world’ wines.  He worked in Northern California for many years as a wine broker and sales manager.  In turn that led to the opportunity to start a national sales management position at Robert Sinskey Vineyards. In 1999 he joined Chambers and Chambers Wine Merchants to open the Southern California branch of the company.  He met Georgia while he was the director of Director of Sales and Marketing in Southern California.  A willing and avid student  Glen regularly plied Georgia with questions about the people and vineyards of Burgundy.  After visits to many of the great wine regions of France the opportunity to represent the Oenophilia portoflio in America was a natural fit for Glen and Georgia.

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