Oenophilia SARL - 8, rue de Lorraine - 21200 Beaune (FRANCE)

About us


Glen Grisham USA Partner

I arrived in Burgundy in 1992 to study Oenology at the Institute Jules Guyot, in Dijon. At that time being an Oenologist wasn’t really what I wanted to do, so I continued my studies on International Wine & Spirits Trade at the Viticultural School of Beaune.

My first harvest was in 1995 when I was hired as a trainee at the domain Michel Gros.


It was the first time that I realized what was Burgundy all about. I learned about history, family traditions, passion, the profound attachment that the grower has with his vines and the earth he works on, the unique “recipe” that makes each domain so different from the others!


After working for ten years at the domain Michel Gros, I decided to create my own business; Oenophilia was born on January 2007.

The name doesn’t show only my Greek origin but also my philosophy: Oenophilia translates “for the love of wine”.

It was here in France where I learned to love fine wine, special wine, wine made with passion and with a certain ethic.

Fine wine always tells you a story, brings your feelings out and reflects the spirit of the one who made it!


I wanted to bring all those special people, all those small family domains to the world, to share with you the same pleasure I share with them every time we open a fine bottle of wine.

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